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Архив рубрик: Theme back-end

Articles with description of the theme and framework options available in the back-end and configuration tips

Pages settings

Pages settings of GavernWP allow to specify basic parameters connected with page’s display:…

Option files

Modification of administration panel content  in GavernWP is very easy — it is based on JSON files which include a list of options. Thanks to it, creating new options available in an administration panel is very easy. Options files are in gavern/options catalog in a folder connected with a currently used language. In the catalog,…

Social API settings

A section of options connected with Social API includes five groups of options: options connected with sharing at Facebook options connected with sharing on G+ options connected with sharing on Twitter options connected with sharing on Pinterest options allowing to switch on/off Social API on particular subpages. Options connected with sharing are the equivalent of…

Advanced settings

An advanced settings section includes settings which are connected with different aspects of GavernWP framework work: Widget rules  — it allows to switch on this mechanism. It is recommended to switch on this option in the case when there is no need to use widgets visible on a chosen subpages. Note that it will allow…

Main back-end features

GavernWP has an advanced panel for managing theme’s options in an administration panel. These options have been divided into a few main groups: Basic settings Layout settings Pages settings Fonts settings Navigation settings Advanced settings Shortcodes settings Social API settings Theme branding settings Back-end branding settings SEO settings Also, some additional elements generated by a…

Basic settings

Basic settings allow to specify basic parameters connected with the MeetGavern WP theme: Theme color allows to choose a color version of a theme. Here, there may appear a few various fields depending on the conent of styles.json configuration file. Style Switcher Display is an option allowing to switch a style-switcher after an option/options of…

SEO settings

GavernWP has SEO settings built — in which allow to overwrite WordPress standard SEO settings. After switching on «Use Gavern SEO settings» option, a lot of options connected with SEO will appear: The first group of options is connected with page’s title: Use blogname in title — this option allows to switch on showing a…

Fonts settings

One of the key elements which has influence on website’s look is an appropriate choice of fonts used for text presentation. GavernWP allows to choose fonts easily which are assigned to CSS selectors specified by a user. In order to simplify support for many fonts on one page, GavernWP supports groups of fonts — each…

Layout settings

Layout settings in a theme are connected with five main options: Thanks to a Page layout option, it is possible to specify a column position in page’s layout: on the left/right side or switch off showing a column completely (in this situation, you achieve the layout available via an additional subpage style — fullwidth). A…

Navigation settings

GavernWP gives a possibility of advanced menu managing on a website. There is a list of menus available in a theme in a configuration file — menus.json. These menus are displayed in a Navigation tab: There are a few options available for each menu available on a website. Website’s main menu has more options than…





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