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Архив рубрик: Theme Features

Articles about the main theme features: typography, responsive layout, widget rules and styles etc.

Open Search support

Open Search is a technology which allows to create your own browsing engine used by a browser. Thanks to it, e.g. in a Firefox browser, a user may define a new browser after entering our website based on GavernWP framework. Because of it, in the case of more extensive websites, e.g. data catalogs, searching is…

Responsive Layout

GavernWP makes possible to create themes based on Responsive Web Design. That’s why, it has two additional CSS styles: tablet.css mobile.css Thanks to options available in an administration panel, it is possible to specify when these styles will be loaded. Two column layout (if a column is switched on) is loaded when tablet.css file is…

Color Styles

GavernWP has an extensive mechanism allowing to create additional theme styles. We may distinguish two main groups of styles in this mechanism: style family styles included in style family given The whole configuration is included in styles.json file: As you can see, it includes color style family which has two styles, namely: Color I and…

Open Graph support

GavernWP has built — in support for Open Graph protocol. Thanks to it, each post added may have metatags specified and during publishing a post given on Facebook, there will be information specified earlier by an author of an entry displayed: title entry description thumbnail connected with an entry Thanks to it, an author of…

JSON Configuration

In order to make GavernWP framework more flexible, we decided to use files in JSON format for storing thme’s configuration and options layout in an administration panel. You may find files responsible for theme’s configuration in gavern/options/ catalog: fonts.json — a file which stores theme’s groups of fonts. By default, there are three main gropus…


GavernWP has full support for making translations. Because of differences being a result of using JSON files for generating theme’s options, a theme’s translation should be done in three places: with files use from a languages catalog by creating a catalog of a language given in a config catalog by creating a catalog of a…


oEmbeds is an important facility used while creating posts. Thanks to it, a user may embed in an entry easily, e.g. a movie from You Tube service by giving just a link to the movie — WordPress will generate a movie from this link automatically. A few examples are presented below: YouTube Twitter What is…


GavernWP allows to access a lot of additional typography elements created with Shortcodes use. The use is very simple thanks to an additional button in a posts editor. A typography description from a programistic side has been divided into two parts, namely: front-end and back-end. Below, there are all elements available in theme’s typography. Typography…





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