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Архивы меток: я-fonts

Fonts settings

One of the key elements which has influence on website’s look is an appropriate choice of fonts used for text presentation. GavernWP allows to choose fonts easily which are assigned to CSS selectors specified by a user. In order to simplify support for many fonts on one page, GavernWP supports groups of fonts — each…

JSON Configuration

In order to make GavernWP framework more flexible, we decided to use files in JSON format for storing thme’s configuration and options layout in an administration panel. You may find files responsible for theme’s configuration in gavern/options/ catalog: fonts.json — a file which stores theme’s groups of fonts. By default, there are three main gropus…

Framework structure

Gavern Framework has a quite extensive files structure. It is similar to a standard structure of majority of the themes, however, because of many functionalities, there are some new elements.…





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