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Typography button

To simplify shortcodes use available in themes based on GavernWP framework, a button for theme’s typography has been implemented which is available in a posts editor:   By clicking this button, you will see a list of available typography elements:   It is possible to choose a version with a stylistic specified for the majority…

Import/Export settings

Sometimes, there is a situation when you have to copy a configuration from one installation to another. In order to simplify it, GavernWP has been equipped with an import and export options of theme’s settings in “Import/Export” tab of a theme’s main menu: After entering a page of these settings, you will see the following…


GavernWP has an update section which allows to access information whether a theme was updated to the latest version. In order to access an updates panel, you have to use «Updates» submenu from a main menu of theme’s options: If a theme was not updated, a list of updates will appear; which are newer than…

Theme live editor

GavernWP has basic support for a new option available in WordPress 3.4 — an options editor with themes preview. Now, the most important options connected with theme’s style and its layout has been implemented to a live editor. In order to reach it easier, we placed a direct link to this editor in the top…


GavernWP makes accessible options allowing for theme’s branding. Branding options are divided into two groups: theme’s branding administration panel branding Thanks to theme’s branding options, a user may specify: specify page’s logo specify theme’s footer content decide about displaying a framework logo under page’s footer specify page’s favicon More information about branding options for a…

Custom Page Styles

GavernWP makes accessible a few own styles of subpages. Thanks to them, it is possible to use WordPress possiblitities better  and adjusting pages to themes chosen. All additional subpages styles are placed in a main catalog in template.*.php files. GavernWP has the following subpages: template.archive.php — an archive page, in includes a list of recent…

Comments Features

GavernWP has support for comments with a division into threads. Thanks to it, discussions made in comments under a post given are clearer. All options connected with comments configuration can be set by using standard options in a WordPress administration panel (Settings > Discussion). Threads in comments are switched on thanks to «Enable threaded (nested)…

Theme CSS

Theme’s CSS code is divided into a few files, loaded in order specified. All these files are in css catalog. You have to remember that order of these files is very important and its change may cause unpredictable changes of theme’s look because of using moving from general styling to detailed styling in CSS code.…

Theme structure

Each theme’s subpage in GavernWP is created and based on one file from theme’s main catalog, e.g. single.php and at least four additional files from layouts catalog: header.php — this file includes starting page’s structure i.e. a head section and the whole headline with elements such as: logo, main menu, etc. before.php — there are…





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