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Basic settings

Basic settings allow to specify basic parameters connected with the MeetGavern WP theme:


Theme color allows to choose a color version of a theme. Here, there may appear a few various fields depending on the conent of styles.json configuration file.

Style Switcher Display is an option allowing to switch a style-switcher after an option/options of choosing theme’s styles  — it is an element allowing for a website’s user to choose a theme style himself/herself.

Post sidebar informations option switches display of the post sidebar informations in the Meet Gavern WP theme.

The next option is connected with switching on breadcrumbs element on a website. There are the following options to choose from: Enabled, Disabled and Conditional rule — then, you have to set a rule using Conditional Tags and logic operators of PHP language in a Conditional rule field, e.g. a rule displaying a breadcrumbs element on the homepage and in the «Meet GavernWP» category will be in the following form:

is_homepage() || is_category('Meet GavernWP')

Social icons postition specifies the position of the social icons block.

Widget display on homepage option is useful when you want to place a widget instead of entries on the homepage — then  you have to switch it on mainbody widget position, place a widget needed which will replace a standard list of posts generated by WordPress.

Display author info allows to display information about its author under each post in the following form:

meetgavernwp_authorblockNext four options are using to include/exclude specific pages or categories from showing author block.
Include/Exclude mode specifies if the specified articles, categories will be included or excluded. Included/Excluded articles specifies the list of comma-separated article IDs/titles/slugs (i.e. 2,5,34,200 or post-title1,post-title2). Included/Excluded pages and Included/Excluded categories are similar, but they specify pages and categories.


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