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Theme branding settings

There are four key places connected with branding in a theme based on GavernWP framework:

  • page’s logo
  • page’s footer
  • framework’s logo under a page’s footer
  • page’s favicon

There are the following administration panel options responsible for these elements:



In the case of a framework’s logo, it is only possible to switch it on/off.

Footer content is defined in Footer content option. It will be displayed at the bottom of the page, usually on the right side.

The majority of parameters are connected with a Theme logo type. The first step in a logo configuration is to choose a logo type; there are the following logo types available:

  • Defined in the CSS code — a logo is defined theme’s CSS style as an element having cssLogo class. In this case, except CSS code modification, no other settings changes are needed.
  • Image logo — after choosing this option, some additional options will appear:meetgavernwp-themebranding2 You have to choose an image logo and specify its sizes.
  • Text logo — likewise in the previous option, some additional options appear:meetgavernwp-themebrandilogo Theme logo text option specifies whether main logo text and the signature below it will be taken from WordPress settings (from WordPress settings) or will be specified by a user (Own). In the case of choosing the second option, two additional fields to fill in will appear:


  • None — in this case, a logo will not be displayed.
Note: None option is useful when you want to define a logo code in theme’s code yourself — then, it is enough to add your own code to an appropriate file (usually it is: layouts/header.php).

The last section of theme branding settings is connected with the favicon. Page favicon is a small graphic, that is associated with the page or Web site. You have to specify direct path of favicon.ico file or use the Upload Image button.


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