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GavernWP has basic support for a new option available in WordPress 3.4 — an options editor with themes preview. Now, the most important options connected with theme’s style and its layout has been implemented to a live editor.

In order to reach it easier, we placed a direct link to this editor in the top part of themes’ options:

meetgavernwp-liveeditor 2

All options included in this editor are also available via traditional theme’s options panel.

In order to simplify adding your own options to a live editor, the whole code generating options is placed in a separate file: gavern/helpers/helpers.customizer.php.

You have to remember that all options and settings from a live editor are stored in the same place as their equivalents from an administration panel so settings change with a live editor causes changes in an options panel. That’s why, it is recommended not to use a traditional administration panel and a live editor at the same time because saving options with various values in two different places at the same time may not give the expected result.

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