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Theme structure

Each theme’s subpage in GavernWP is created and based on one file from theme’s main catalog, e.g. single.php and at least four additional files from layouts catalog:

  • header.php — this file includes starting page’s structure i.e. a head section and the whole headline with elements such as: logo, main menu, etc.
  • before.php — there are all widget positions included in this file which are before page’s main content.
  • after.php — this file is an equivalent of before.php file but with one difference — it includes widget positions which are after page’s main content.
  • footer.php — similarly to header.php file, it includes a starting page’s structure as footer.php includes the ending page’s structure, i.e. a footer and and elements below.

The above files with a file given from a main catalog, create a basic structure of each page. The remaining elements are generated by additional files or functions. The majority of of such files can be found in layouts catalog; e.g. files with names content.post.*.php, include constituents of each post. . Using these files allowed to restrict the amount of code in theme’s main files and simplify its modification as change e.g. an entry footer requires modification of one or two files only.

Functions used for generating additional information displayed in posts are in gavern/helpers/helpers.layout.fragments.php file.

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